Dry Type Transformer Cooling Fans Manufacturing

STE Technic provides optimal solutions for air forced cooling of transformers. High performance induction motor cross flow fans are designed to dissipate heat generated by dry type transformer losses while complying with the market requirements and assure fail-safe operations in all industrial zones.

  • Optimized fan blades adopts advanced aerodynamic design.
  • Dynamic balance achieved G6.3 acc. to ISO 1940-1.
  • Fan normal ambient temperature: -25℃ ~+60℃.
  • Motor winding insulation is H.
  • Fans have single-phase capacitor running and supply voltage is 220V/50&60Hz.
  • Wiring terminal provided on the fan.
  • Overload protected with internal OLP at 140°C
  • Motor guard and inlet guard can be provided as option to increase operation safety.

Dry Type Transformer Fans

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